Welcome to the NEW RefPlanet.com!

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RefPlanet.com is an all-around resource for referees, officials, and judges of all sports.

If this is your first time on the site, here are just a few of things you can do on RefPlanet.com:

  • Discuss experiences, situations, and approaches to the game (or just introduce yourself) in the discussion forums.
  • Create a blog (or journal) of your refereeing career (or read other referees’ blogs).
  • Check out the resource database to see how to get started as a referee in your area in any sport.

The site is still new, as you can the tell by the lack of posts the forum. But every site has to start somewhere, so don’t be shy! When we share experiences, we all become better officials. Introduce yourself in the discussion forums and get started on RefPlanet.com today!


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