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Insight from an Amateur Hockey Referee

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I saw this article while browsing around for hockey refereeing information. I thought it was very insightful, so I decided I’d share it here. It’s a two part article, but the “good” stuff (from the learning referee’s perspective) is on Part 2, printed below. Part 1 is interesting, too, from a storytelling point of view. If you want to see Part 1, go to the Tonawanda News page here. The referee writing is John Hopkins, who is an editor of the Tonawanda News in addition to an experienced amateur referee.

Source: Tonawanda News

I’ve spent 25 years — more than half my life — as an amateur hockey referee. It’s been a rewarding, but sometimes frustrating, experience. Last week I shared with you some stories from my time on the ice and explained some rule differences. Today, is part two and I’d like to begin with:

Six things all parents, coaches, spectators and players should know about USA Hockey referees:

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Interview and Insights from a Major League Soccer Referee

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I saw an interview posted in the examiner, and thought I’d share it here. Even though the referee stays anonymous, there are still some great insights. A lot of what the referee says is exactly what I’m thinking when I’m in the center, but wouldn’t necessary admit (like the crowd having an effect on me, whether positive or negative)! The interview is posted below.

Source: The Examiner


An MLS Referee and Freddie Ljungberg at Qwest Field in Seattle

Do referees use atmosphere / crowd excitement to maintain adrenaline like players do?
MLS Referee: Oh, yes. The adrenaline starts to build during warm-ups and peaks in the tunnel, right before you march out with the teams. There is a lot to do in the tunnel leading up to that, like quickly checking the players uniforms, shin guards, jewelry, etc., and talking a bit with the key players and maybe the coaches to get a feel for how their mind-set is that day, so we are rushing to get that done. And then when we are ready, and we pause for the music to start, the adrenaline really kicks in. Qwest field is amazing that way – the rhythmic clapping to bring the teams on is outstanding, and the noise seems to keep you going all the way through the 90th minute and beyond. The crowd energy carries you and you really don’t feel tired until you hit the locker room. That’s when your body starts asking what you did to it.

What makes your job harder, and why?

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Six Bulgarian Referees Banned for Officiating International Matches without Permission

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Bulgaria football union

The Bulgarian Football Union made the decision to ban the referees

While we all know the importance of informing your assignors if you plan on officiating out of state (or in this case, out of continent), this decision might be a little over the top!

Source: Eurosport/Yahoo

The Bulgarian Football Union’s refereeing commission has banned six officials for an unspecified period for breaching the BFU’s ethics code.

Luchezar Yonov, Petar Tarulov, Emil Mitev, Penyo Tashev, Ruslan Minchev and Veselin Rashkov were all banned after they officiated at international matches in South America last year without informing the national body.

“The refereeing commission made a unanimous decision to remove them from the referees’ list,” the BFU said.

Referee suspensions are not uncommon in Bulgaria while in recent years officials have complained there is widespread pressure on them to manipulate the outcome of games.

How to Become a Gymnastics Judge

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Think you have what it takes to be a judge?

Well, the point of this website is to help you get started as an official in any sport, right?

So here is the information I’ve found about becoming a Gymnastics Judge. It’s compiled from a few different sources. All of these sources can be found in the RefPlanet Resource Database (link takes you directly to the Gymnastics Section).

There are several Ratings for Judges: 5/6 (Compulsory), and ratings 7-10 which are optional (but higher in stature). One can earn a rating as a gymnastics official through a series of tests, both Written and Practical, administered under the auspices of the USA Gymnastics Judging Accreditation Program.

Contact your NAWGJ (National Association of Women’s Gymnastics Judges) State Judging Director for information about upcoming clinics, exams dates, etc. It is very helpful to attend a judges’ training clinic prior to taking judging tests. Contact information for 12 of the state directors can be found in the Resource Database (so far!).

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Aston Villa and Blackpool managers priase Sian Massey for Performance

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sian massey 1824980c

Sian Massey, right, entering the pitch with Referee Howard Webb

Source: The Telegraph

Rival managers Ian Holloway and Gerard Houllier applauded assistant referee Sian Massey for her performance at Bloomfield Road on Saturday.

Massey returned to the Premier League for the first time since she was the subject of sexist remarks surrounding Liverpool’s win at Wolves last month. Those comments led to Andy Gray and Richards Keys losing their jobs at Sky Sports in the wake of the scandal.

Massey ran the line during the 1-1 draw between Blackpool and Aston Villa with Howard Webb the referee. Asked if she did all right, Blackpool boss Holloway said: “Absolutely.”

Villa’s Houllier added: “She took the right decisions. I was confident in her. She is good at what she is doing.”

However, Holloway was angered by supporters who taunted Massey. He said : “I didn’t like some of the shouts. Is that funny? ‘There is only one Andy Gray’.

“That’s rude, you have got to forget about all of that and get on with things, haven’t we. I think we should let things lie in the past.”

Student Wearing Headscarf Temporarily Held from Game for “Safety Reasons”

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girls basketball

Middle School basketball players sporting dangerous scrunchies

While I understand that, as a referee, safety should always be a major concern (especially in youth competitions), I don’t really see what is so “unsafe” about a headscarf. And when I see the “safe” head attire of an NBA player like Chris Andersen, I wonder if a headscarf is all that bad!

By the way, in Soccer’s Laws of the Game, religious attire is specifically allowed, as long as it does not pose a danger to any player.

Source: NBC Washington

A seventh grade student was held out for a portion of a girls’ basketball league game because she was wearing a headscarf.

After a discussion, the young woman was allowed to reenter the second half of a Mid-Maryland Girls Jr. Basketball Association game on Saturday.

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Rugby Union Coach Roly Meates Discusses Officiating in the Scrum

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Even though Roly Meates isn’t a referee, he makes some great points and has some good insights on what it takes to be an effective referee in the scrum – a complex and vital part of the game of rubgy that referees need to fully understand if they want to keep a game flowing and problem-free.

Roly Meates

Irish Rugby Union Coach Roly Meates

Source: Irish Times

“The solution is ref classes with live scrumming – not just theory. At all levels I find an amazing variety of ability in controlling the scrum. This is nothing short of a scandal. Mr. Poite never packed down in a scrum and few on the IRB panel ever did

Time was, not so long ago, aficionados deemed the scrum had become too impotent. Now, perhaps, its effect on any given game and its outcome is becoming too profound, not least as so much of it is down to a referee’s interpretation on any given day.

Penalty tries, or at any rate three-pointers, are almost becoming the primary weapon of choice for some teams, such as Italy and Argentina, and a handy additional one for others. There were only five completed scrums in last week’s France-Scotland match yet it yielded a penalty try for France and had a seismic impact on the game’s ebb and flow, for a French crowd and team alike derive more psychic energy than most from such a punishing blow.

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Ghanian Referee Lashes Out at Referee Fitness Test Double Standards

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Action from the Glo Premier League in Ghana

Source: Benedict Owusu (via MyJoyOnline)

Accra based referee Seidu Tijani believes the Referees Appointment Committee favours some referees who fail the fitness test by assigning matches to them to officiate in the Glo Premier League.

Referee Seidu who failed the recent fitness test, says the fitness test is not transparent since it favours some of the referees who fail the test.

In an interview on Asempa FM’s on Wednesday, Mr. Seidu stated that, “the initial agreement between the Referees Appointment Committee and the referees was that, those who failed the fitness test will be assigned to officiate matches in the Reserve League and the Division One but here is the case, where you see some who failed along with him officiating in the Glo league”.

He stressed that, if there is no favouritism then he expects the referees committee to give all of them the opportunity because some cannot fail and still be officiating matches in the league.

Hornets’ Chris Paul Fined $15,000 for Verbal Abuse of a Referee

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NBA Vice President Stu Jackson announced the fine

Source: WVUE (New Orleans, LA)

NEW YORK (AP) – New Orleans Hornets star Chris Paul has been fined $15,000 by the NBA for verbal abuse of a game official following a loss to the New Jersey Nets.

NBA vice president Stu Jackson announced the fine on Friday.

Paul missed a shot late in regulation Wednesday night that gave New Jersey a chance to

force overtime, then turned the ball over with 19 seconds left and the Hornets trailing by two. His attempt at a buzzer-beating 3-pointer bounced out and New Orleans lost 103-101.

The four-time All-Star guard finished 4 for 15 from the field and turned the ball over seven times in the game. He said afterward that he felt “like this was my loss.”

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