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Insight from an Amateur Hockey Referee

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I saw this article while browsing around for hockey refereeing information. I thought it was very insightful, so I decided I’d share it here. It’s a two part article, but the “good” stuff (from the learning referee’s perspective) is on Part 2, printed below. Part 1 is interesting, too, from a storytelling point of view. If you want to see Part 1, go to the Tonawanda News page here. The referee writing is John Hopkins, who is an editor of the Tonawanda News in addition to an experienced amateur referee.

Source: Tonawanda News

I’ve spent 25 years — more than half my life — as an amateur hockey referee. It’s been a rewarding, but sometimes frustrating, experience. Last week I shared with you some stories from my time on the ice and explained some rule differences. Today, is part two and I’d like to begin with:

Six things all parents, coaches, spectators and players should know about USA Hockey referees:

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