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Rugby Union Coach Roly Meates Discusses Officiating in the Scrum

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Even though Roly Meates isn’t a referee, he makes some great points and has some good insights on what it takes to be an effective referee in the scrum – a complex and vital part of the game of rubgy that referees need to fully understand if they want to keep a game flowing and problem-free.

Roly Meates

Irish Rugby Union Coach Roly Meates

Source: Irish Times

“The solution is ref classes with live scrumming – not just theory. At all levels I find an amazing variety of ability in controlling the scrum. This is nothing short of a scandal. Mr. Poite never packed down in a scrum and few on the IRB panel ever did

Time was, not so long ago, aficionados deemed the scrum had become too impotent. Now, perhaps, its effect on any given game and its outcome is becoming too profound, not least as so much of it is down to a referee’s interpretation on any given day.

Penalty tries, or at any rate three-pointers, are almost becoming the primary weapon of choice for some teams, such as Italy and Argentina, and a handy additional one for others. There were only five completed scrums in last week’s France-Scotland match yet it yielded a penalty try for France and had a seismic impact on the game’s ebb and flow, for a French crowd and team alike derive more psychic energy than most from such a punishing blow.

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