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Unfair Advantages to One Team?

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Are soccer tents an unfair advantage when one team brings one, and the other doesn't?

Are soccer tents an unfair advantage when one team brings one, and the other doesn’t? What if one team brings Gatorade, and the other team only brings water?

Two weekends ago, I arrived at a field for a U12 Girls game, and saw a bit of a commotion going on between the referee and the home team coaches. Not one to see a battle and immediately attempt to insert myself into it, I just ignore it and start my pre-match routine.

When it was over, I asked the referee what the problem was. He declared that the home team needed to remove the shade they had set up over their bench, because it was unfair to the away team, who had not brought one. He went on to say that, as the home team, if they want to use a shade for their bench, then they need to provide one for the other team as well.

I was curious why this referee singled out the home team in his decision, so I asked him what he would have done if it was the visiting team that had brought the shade. Almost proud of himself for knowing the answer, he said that he would have done nothing, because it’s not unfair if the visiting team does it. At that point I just dropped the issue. Read More »

Student Wearing Headscarf Temporarily Held from Game for “Safety Reasons”

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Middle School basketball players sporting dangerous scrunchies

While I understand that, as a referee, safety should always be a major concern (especially in youth competitions), I don’t really see what is so “unsafe” about a headscarf. And when I see the “safe” head attire of an NBA player like Chris Andersen, I wonder if a headscarf is all that bad!

By the way, in Soccer’s Laws of the Game, religious attire is specifically allowed, as long as it does not pose a danger to any player.

Source: NBC Washington

A seventh grade student was held out for a portion of a girls’ basketball league game because she was wearing a headscarf.

After a discussion, the young woman was allowed to reenter the second half of a Mid-Maryland Girls Jr. Basketball Association game on Saturday.

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